Monday, August 9, 2010

Fast Fashion

As you all know, it's hard to pass up the deal of the week at your favorite fashion store, or the gift with purchase, especially if it's the necklace you've been eying for a week or so. It's going to be another shirt in your closet, and another necklace to get tangled up in the already-too-full jewelry holder you have. Fast fashion is everywhere, but i think people are losing sight of quality, let alone what it takes to get that product to you. Many third world countries are producing our aldo shoes, and h&m tops at a rate that any average American couldn't even fathom. Extremely long hours, little bathroom breaks, and definitely no snack time. Personally when i go shopping, that's what i think when i see a nicely constructed acrylic sweater for $24.90. Our fast fashion frenzy is overwhelming and quite honestly disgusting when you put two and two together. Along with the extended work hours, we are also dumping two million tons of textile waste into landfills each year. ouch. Just a quick bit of insight for those of you who are shopping at fast fashion retailers on a regular basis. Maybe paying a higher price for a garment that you're going to wear longer and appreciate more is the way to go. But hey, you buy what you want, and I'll stick to clothing made with love. :)

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