Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In Love

I am officially in love. In love with my new leather coat. I've been wanting one for such a long time now, but just haven't found the right one. I started my search in October.. and most of the jackets i found were either way too expensive for a college student such as myself.. or not the real deal. At this time, i was interning at the Horton Berner Fashion Group and had been for a few months. They have a line called SuperDry which is a Japanese inspired European line for men and women. During the selling season i put the jacket on and absolutely loved it. It fit me like a glove. Looking at the price tag, i figured i could never afford it and put it back down. The spring sample sale( which is actually in the fall because wholesale selling/buying is 6 months in advance) came and left, and no SuperDry was sold because they were still selling at the time of the sale. I was BUMMED.
Today, i went into the agency for their Spring/Summer sample sale,but not really with the plans to shop. Honestly, I miss it there and wanted an excuse to bring them bright yellow tulips and just say hi. Unfortunately with my school schedule it was hard to keep up my internship with them because they needed me different days than i could help out! Anyways, i went in and said hello, and randomly Racquel the office manager told me "Sarah!! Your jacket is still here!" Immediately knowing she meant the SuperDry jacket i ran over to see if it was true. And there it was. I picked it up and tried it on for another time. It fit like a glove. The staff were all laughing saying that it was destiny because a girl came in a day before and hid it just so she could buy it, but then never came back! LUCKY ME. Not really wanting to have spent money that day i weighed out my options, and went for the jacket. I have to say, it was well worth the couple hundred dollars i payed for it. Considering it retails for $575.

Trying it on again at home, i realize i have a new found love for quality, and not just quality leather; Quality in my clothing. My poor wallet. But honestly, one investment piece that will last me years is much more worth it than buying a jacket every season because my old one wore out. I am very content. And now very ready for the Moule sample sale this weekend!! Looks like i'll be cutting back on groceries this month. But good thing there is only 7 weeks of school left and then i'm out to find a job. Already searching and getting really excited. - Just looking to make it in the big world. More later.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Moule Moule

Today, i learned the epitome of being a college student. In a nutshell, i have a designer taste with a not so designer budget. I have just acquired an internship at the head office of a Local Vancouver store called Moule. Moule is a higher end clothing store that sells a number of well known brands. I went in today, a bit under the weather to be honest, and had 8 hours of work ahead of me sorting, folding, and tagging. The bright side of all the tedious work, is that i had a great opportunity to look at all of the product. I found a pair of wicked black ( they came in brown as well) leather boots that were originally selling for 400 that are going on sale for under a quarter of the price! photos to come!! I also had a blast looking at all of the interesting clothing that came from all around the world. Brands such as DryKorn, Beautiful People, Velvet, and tons more to name a few flooded the floors of the space. High quality denim, silk blouses, and fine leather, i was in heaven.

In case you don't know what a warehouse sale is, it is when you get all the clothing for your stores and hold a massive sale with ridiculously low prices in hopes to sell everything. I think a few things are worth mentioning. First of all, black sequined leggings, which originally were for sale for 215. I wonder why they didn't sell! As i was looking at the price for legging, my boss mentioned " Sarah, we just live in two completely different worlds." First of all.. i don't feel as if because i wouldn't pay that much for sparkly, shiny legs that it means we live in different worlds. MAYBE i'd pay that much for super comfy black ones, who knows. I believe in investment pieces that are more expensive that you can wear for a long time, I'm just in the process of making enough money to pay for those pieces that i want.

Another item worth mentioning. Lime green stretch skinny jeans with zippers on the ankles. Its a mouth full just saying it! I mean don't get me wrong.. i love color.. but everyone should know when and were to wear it. Take for example:

Personally, just not my style. I don't think i've ever seen someone who looks good in neon! Please stop trying to bring it back!!

On a lighter note, the sample sale starts on Thursday, and i get first choose over clothes! yay for spending a months rent on clothes. :) Pics to come of those boots and what i pick out at the sale.

Also, planning on a road trip to Cali and blogging the whole thing! Can't wait!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Starting out

I've decided that it's finally time to get a blog. By no means am i great at this, yet, but I'm learning. I want to focus on all the great things out there that i think people should know about such as new trends, restaurants, and local hot spots. Being a Fashion student i am constantly around amazing fashion, especially from my classmates, and a really fun night life here in Vancouver.
For example, last night i went to the Hurricane bar and Grill in Yaletown with my roommate to watch the Canucks
Slam the LA Kings. Its such a fun little restaurant with a very close family feel to it. The staff is incredible friendly, and the food and drinks were moderately priced. Every table was given a hockey stick at the beginning of the game with a player's number on it. If your number scored, then your table got free drinks! Somehow i was lucky enough to get number 18, whose name i can't seem to remember, and he scored twice!

Speaking of fun things to do, the Sea wall in Vancouver has got to be my new favorite place. I have been living in Vancouver BC for almost a year now, and i had never been to the sea wall until just the other day. It was surprisingly sunny and my roommate and I wanted to go for a run. She proposed the seawall and off we went! There were so many people i couldn't believe it! Walking their dogs, running, electric scootering, everything. There were also a number of group workout sessions going on, which Emilie and i spied on to try and get some work out ideas. It was just such an amazing environment that i have never been a part of. I feel so more motivated to get out and run now that i know that its there!

This is all for now, i'm going to try and make a habit out of this :)