Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Double Take

I love this post, only because who hasn't done this before? Aretha Franklin wore this dress to the Tony Awards on Sunday, and then at the Apollo Theater Awards Monday night! She accessorized with the same necklace, bag, boa, and shoes. It really makes me smile. I mean how many times do you go out two nights in a row with different people? It's the perfect solution. I have days like that trust me.. When i love my outfit and want to show it off :) It happens. Here are a few more double takes.. Have you ever done this?

Dita Von Teese

Hayden Panettiere

Heidi Montag

Monday, June 14, 2010

Pandemonium Fashion Show

Hand made skeleton by Darryl Singh

I was going to wait until i had more photos, but i wanted to write about something to do with my personal life. So, here it goes. For the last few months, my life has been completely consumed with a fashion show. As our final project, my 18 classmates and i worked together, (some more than most) to put this production into action. Our theme was Gothic Romantic with a Tim Burton feel to it. We used a lot of purples and blacks, bringing out a darker side to the show. As head of fund raising and sponsorships, I was in charge for most of the money that was brought in. Which is a really hard task.. I can't even begin to tell you the amount of people who shut doors on me and told me they weren't hiring and to leave them alone. It's quite funny to me. I know it has nothing to do with me, but everything to do with people not wanting to help out. There are so many charities these days, and i can completely understand that there is a little bit of donation exhaustion going on.

OH. By the way, the show was all for charity. We supported the local Covenant House, which in case you don't know, is an organization to help kids get off the street and battle addictions and homelessness. It's quite a touching charity, and i am so glad that we got to raise money for them.

So the show happened last Thursday night at an antique hall on Main Street, Vancouver. It was a huge success. Within the first half hour we had all of our gift cards (that i acquired) sold, and raffle tickets flying out of our seller's hands. It was such a great feeling to see so many people passionate about helping. ( or just getting cheap drinks, and paying $10 for gift cards that were at least $25, haha)

Anyways, here are a few photos of the show. I will post more later when i have them all. Cheers everyone. Hope everyone is having a great Monday!!

On stage welcoming everyone to the show.


Group 128

A couple looks:


More Photos at

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Puma Vs. Aldo

As the Eco friendly march goes on, we are seeing more and more companies trying on smaller carbon shoes, and leaving smaller footprints. (clever, huh) Personally i find the biggest waste companies have is packaging. There are two companies i want to recognize for reducing the costs, and waste they're putting out.

First of all, Puma for the Clever Little Bag.

It is a reusable shoe bag, intended to be used for pictures, keepsakes, and of course, for shoes. The German company claims it will massively reduce its carbon 'paw print' , saving 8,500 tonnes of paper, which is the weight of 1,400 elephants every year. It's great advertising for Puma. Just think about it.. You buy a pair of shoes and get this spiffy bag. Then you want to show it off, so you use it for your lunch, gym stuff, and carry it everywhere you go. BOOM! Now everyone is eying your bag and want one too. And how do they get one? Gotta buy the shoes! I like the idea personally, but it seems like a knock off of the Aldo bag which i will talk about next.

Aldo: Shoe box with built in handle

So here we have shoe boxes with the handle built in. Pretty simple concept, but think about all the plastic and/or paper you would save by cutting out bags and tissue. In 2008 the company launched its Next Step program aimed at going green and becoming more environmentally friendly. Way to go Aldo. Maybe it somehow makes up for your mass production of very cheap shoes that are extremely overpriced for what they are. But hey, they look cute. And i have to say, i bought a pair of shoes there once, and i was super excited about the built in handle.. i thought it was genius. Ha.

What do you think? Who does the eco friendly box better?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Top Apparel Company is a Sexual Harrassment Target

American Apparel is the top clothing manufacturer in the United States. It is a vertically integrated clothing manufacturer and wholesaler, and retailer that preforms its own design, marketing and even its own advertising. Starting off as a socially responsible basics retailer, it has branched into pants, skirts, leggings, and even men's and children's clothing.

Although A.A seems to be such an amazing company from the outside, there is unending controversy coming from within. From sexual harassment, to illegal hiring practices, to weight discrimination, they are constantly making headlines. It's just one thing after another. An unnamed source has leaked a transcript from a May 18 conference call during which retail managers were instructed to submit “full-body head-to-toe” photographs of job applicants for approval. “Your looks determine your position and pay rate, not how effective you are at your job,” the source told Gawker. To add to that, staff recruiters are supposed to send the photos from their personal e-mail, not the store account. The company reiterated that they screen purely for personal style, not physical beauty; applicants may be turned away if their looks fit into the fuzzy category of “off-brand.” Ridiculous much?
Maybe so they all can look like this:

Also to add flame to the fire, there have been 3 sexual harassment cases against the owner of the company owner Dov Charney. As i don't believe rumors, i could care less about those statements unless there is proof, but Charney never denied masturbating in front of a reporter AND engaged in oral sex with a female employee. He responds to accusations with: "I've never done anything sexual that wasn't consensual,"
Charney says.

Interesting eh? That's the kind of person i want to think about when i wear my overpriced A.A Cotton Skirt. Here are a few more ads, just for kicks. Is he a genius? Or thinking with his.. well you know.

What do you think??

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

As seen on..

Ever wonder where the stars shop? Here are a few items i love and where to get them!

First of all. Olivia's multi strand necklace. I love the colors and the multi-strand gives the layering effect.
Buy at:

Paris Hilton in a black and white stripe dress.. no not from jail, FCUK!
Buy at:
French Connection

Taylor Swift's grey bow top.
Buy at:
Lauren Moshi
$137; 1-888-442-5830

Katie Holmes shops at H&M! Jean shirt only $30 after taxes!
Buy at:

Kate Bosworth's sweater is comfy and trendy with the studded shoulders.
Buy at:
Top Shop
only $80

Sienna Miller's super tight jeans. Not as expensive as you would think!
Buy at:
7 for all Mankind

Even the stars shop smart! Enjoy!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Diamond in the Rough

As i was waiting for my Indian takeout on lunch break, i was exploring around the little area of Gastown within a you know, 2 minute radius.. i wanted to look, but also wanted to make sure i was back in exactly 10 minutes for my food :). At first i went into a Western store, looking at Cowboy boots, not too exciting. Then a little boutique in the middle of two bigger well known stores caught my eye. I had never seen this store before. In that part of gastown, there are cobblestone roads, and lots of people walking around, but it's a local place.. not many tourists venture down that far. In nice silver letters i read the store name: LynnStephen.

Being my curious self, I walked in to take a look around, and was pleasantly surprised! The owner of the store was working by herself (given the store was as big as my 700 sq foot apartment)but made time to come over to be a greet me personally.I chatted with the owner for a bit and got to know a little more about the store. They had just opened up 5 months ago, which explains why i haven't seen it yet, and are very involved with the community, donating $50 towards my fashion show on the spot(!!) I had a look around, and there were some pretty amazing clothes inside. The clothing was minimal on rolling racks, but it looked classy and expensive. They carry great brands, such as Paige,DL1961, Gemma, Monrow, Lauren Moshi, Pade Vavra, and Gorjana, just to name a few.

The best part about the store, in my opinion, was their changing room/bathroom. The entire wall surrounding is made out of books! I took some picture, excuse the quality, they're from my camera phone, but i just had to write about it!

This is a view from the front door

This is a view from the back of the store. Owner of the store, and friend Darryl pictured as well

This is the inside of the wall! See any books you like?

See what a little wandering can lead to? I want to go back and shop! Oh that's right, i'm going tomorrow :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

2010 MTV Movie Awards

Lindsay Lohan

I know she will most likely get bashed for wearing this, but i am absolutely in love with her Jumper. I haven't seen anyone who can pull it off better. I think it was the perfect material, and perfect for her.. Maybe a little less length and less boob action.. but still. LOVE IT.

Jessica Biel

I like the polka dots and the feathery skirt.. but for some reason the outfit isn't doing it for me...

Russell Brand

Yeah, you would.

Katy Perry

Going across the color wheel from Lady Gaga's yellow hair, Katy comes to the red carpet with a royal blue do.... interesting.. very gaga-esque

Mike Sorrentino

You're a "Situation" alright...

Christina Aguilera

Is her dress made out of Trash bags? It kind of looks like the metal Panier i had to weld for design for my 15th century gown..At least she's in amazing shape. Props to you.

Kristen Stewart

awkward.... *silence*

Free People at the Bay

As my school year gets closer to the end, we have been out in the field more doing real work. This last week i was with a team of people and were asked to merchandise 8 mannequins for the brand Free People at the Bay. The brand is a little funky and for the miss-matchy fashion forward woman. I did two outfits, first was the outfit above. It consists of a cute floral dress with a neutral pink on the top with a waist band connecting. and a cute white lace lapel blazer over the top with a nice texture on it. It's nice to pair the simplicity of the jacket with the print on the skirt, and add the low key necklace just for added look.

The second outfit is:

It is another springy/summer time dress, i love dresses when its hot out! This outfit consists of a pink sequined dress with spaghetti straps ( hidden by the jacket) and a army green blazer over the top. The blazer shows a little attitude with the sleeves rolled up and contrasts nicely with the pink and creme. The army inspired jacket is also opposite from the cute and fun dress which goes to show that you can match these items and still look great. I paired the outfit with a chunky statement necklace to add a bit more attitude to the mannequin.

Through doing this, i have found a brand that i am now in love with. Free people is a higher price point, but its also great quality and fashion forward. Can't wait to go back and shop :)

Mannequins are so easy.. they always look so great in everything! Especially dressing headless mannequins, it's so easy to see yourself in the outfits!
It was fun getting to style my own pieces and i've found that i really enjoy it.. Styling in the future perhaps? We'll see.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

What a nice surprise !

Brightened up my entire day. I love roses.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Urban Outfitters Launches Beauty Line

As i was skimming over my emails today, which lately have been way too many to read at once, I saw an email from Urban Outfitters. Wanting to see the latest news i checked it out, and found out that they launched a beauty campaign! There are lines of makeup, skin care, nail polish, and scents that are all new to UO. I am definitely surprised that they launched so many different products, being that there are over 50 brands and 1,000 colors that they're offering. That's a lot to take on.. But can't wait to see what they have! Take a look

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hits and Disses

I love Carrie's dress this week. I love the strap detail and the short bubble skirt. Not a huge fan of Metallic, but i think she's rocking it!

Talk about legs for miles! The deep slit in her dress looks absolutely stunning as well as her nice up-do. The belt is a nice touch, and i LOVE her style. Going to feature her style in another post.

Eva Eva Eva.. Is there ever a time that she doesn't look amazing? I'm a huge fan of her style. I love the color of her dress as well as the patchy gold detail. Gorgeous!

I love the color on this dress.. but the shape isn't doing it for me.. I would have like to seen her in a more slimming dress.. Maybe next time Gwyneth

Sarah Jessica Parker... Hm. To tell you the truth, i have never seen Sex in the City.. and i think its time shes gets a new stylist.. I'm not a fan of the see-thru look no matter how great of shape you are in. Isn't she supposed to be a fashion icon? ha-ha

A jumper Marrion? I actually love the jumper trend.. but i have yet to see one that i really fell in love with. Rompers are great and easy.. but its something about the tightness ( or not tight enough-ness) that throws me off. I would love to see someone rock a jumper.. Come on now!